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    Generator Manufacturing

    We are committed to provide highest quality of generators backed by around clock services. We built an international repute as one of the leading Suppliers of power generators like diesel and gas.

    Transformer Manufacturing

    Each transformer in our company is tailor made- designed according to individual customer needs such as voltage, power system parameters, location geography, system disturbance level and many more including National / international standards with a vision of bringing reliable quality power safely to the end consumer.

    For the manufacturing, processing and testing of transformers we use most modern facilities in our plant. The layout of the plant is perfectly streamlined to allow smooth material flow from the raw material stage to the finished goods.

    Air conditioner Manufacturing

    Our organization is counted among the prominent traders of technologically advanced Air conditioners. Under the direction of expert team, we are equipped to offer wide range of precisely designed Ac's to our clients.

    Widely used for residential, industrial and commercial purposes

    Solar Manufacturing

    Capital is one of the prominent producers of renewable energy products in India and provides a vast range of solar products.

    Turnstiles Manufacturing

    We are the prominent trader of Turnstile that is highly efficient for giving verifiable and accurate count of attendance. Our turnstiles provide secure bi-directional access control and blend beautifully with high-end building environments.

    Gate Barriers Manufacturing

    We provide Gate Barriers based on microprocessor Technology to control the entrances. We do complete perfomance measure of these Machines before delivering these to our valuable clients.


    Why Unique?

    • Compact and aesthetically built
    • Simple to install and maintain
    • Simple design, fewer parts easy access to coupling bolts, output terminals, and rotating diodes.
    • Sophisticated and reliable AVR, having good ability to deal-with non-linear loads.
    • Self lubricating, sealed type for ball bearing

    Special Features Include

    Our speciality

    • Tailor made transformers.
    • Designing by experienced experts .
    • The process blueprints is arranged using advanced .
    • Proper clamping is used to reduce stray loss and transformer noise.
    • Transformers are designed & manufactured for overloading

    Special Features Include

    Why us?

    • Energy efficient
    • Stylish and glossy design
    • Operating efficiency

    Our main products

    Have a look

    • Solar water Heater
    • Photo voltaic cell

    Photo voltaic cell - features

    • latest state-of-the-art equipment
    • 100% performance testing of Cells
    • Silver and Silver-Aluminium Metallization on the front and back respectively for increased solderability.

    Solar Water Heating Systems - Salient Features

    • Customer - built designs
    • Wide adaptability and versatility
    • High operating efficiency
    • Longer life

    Our main products

    Quality Matters

    Turnstiles - features

    • Used to enforce one traffic with high security check.
    • Used in case of paid access.

    Gate Barriers - Features

    • Designed for heavy-dut operation
    • Severel versions are available
    • Very easy to operate

    Our Generators

    Our Transformers

    Our Air Conditioner

    Our Solar Products

    Our Turnstiles & Gate Barries

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