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    Geo-membrane & Geo- Synthetic Installation

    Geo-membranes are a type of synthetic (actually Geo-synthetic) material that is made of impermeable membranes. These systems can be used to accommodate dicey waste by-products, regulate stink, save gas, conserve water sources, and grow food in aquaculture applications, It also helps to regulate effluents. Setting up Geo-membrane lining systems is a complex procedure that is broadly implemented by experienced engineers and technicians. Numerous specialized welding approach, site arrangement, and installation proficiency are compulsory to make certain that any Geo-membrane lining system is well employed. Geo-membrane installation process includes following steps

    Quality Assurance Review: The following factors are considered while geo-membrane installation

  • Surface status fit to all standards
  • The Geo-membrane rolls were analysed and implemented accurately
  • Fixing the anchor system perfectly
  • Perfectly placing the anchor trench and lining
  • Using accurate welding equipment
  • Making sure that the quality control devices are operation properly.
  • Confirmed the fusion welding seaming
  • All maintenance were finished
  • Fix pipe dissemination
  • Confirming the seam crossings were precise
  • Installation occurs as per the design
  • The documentation of the installation was done
  • Geo-Membrane Service

    Leaders in
    Geo Synthetic Solutions

    We perform quality assurance review in each project.

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